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Paper one 试卷一
(65 minutes ) 
Part Ⅰ Dialogue Completion (10 minutes , 10 points ) 
Directions : In this part , there are 3 dialogues with 3 or 4 blanks , each followed by 4 choices marked A , B , C , and D . Fill in each blank with the choice that best suits the situation  until the dialogue is complete. With Dialogue One , all the choices will have to be used . With Dialogue Two and Dialogue Three , one choice will be unused . Mark your answer on the ANSWERSHEET with a single bar through the centre of the letter that indicates your choice.
Frank : I’m glad that our company is starting to be more eco-friendly . 
David :  1  
Frank : We have started to recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans . 
David : My family has started to bring our own bag to the grocery store instead of using plastic bags . 
Frank :  2  
David : What else are people you know doing to “go green” ? 
Frank : one of my co-workers has a car that runs on natural gas . 
David : oh . I heard that is a lot less expensive ,   3  
Frank : He does . our company just funded a project to build two windmills . 
David :  4  
Frank : Yes . And my uncle Put a big solar panel on the roof of his house . 
David : That is an interesting idea . 
Frank : It is hardly noticeable and it saves him money on the electric bill . 
    A . That is a great way to consume less . 
    B . so he saves a lot of money ? 
    C . Really ? 
    D . Me too.
Bert : What kind of hobbies do you have?
Andrew : Well , 1 like building model trains and cars . 
Bert :  5  
Andrew: Yeah, they are, but they look really cool after you’re done. 
Bert: They do! What else do you do in your free time?
Andrew:   6  
Bert: Oh, really? I play an instrument, too. 
Andrew:   7  
Bert: I play guitar, and I like to sing. 
Andrew: We should play some music together some time! 
Bert: Sounds good! 
    A. What instrument do you play? 
    B. Do you play any sports? 
    C. Those look like a lot of work. 
    D. I like to swim and play piano. 

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